About Us

Brahma Origins is the inspiration and creation of Kamal Bhamra.  Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon to wake up to the sweet smell of incense burning in my family home after morning prayers.  Religious festivals were often celebrated with a burning candle  or “diva”  made only from a small clay pot fuelled by the simplicity of pure natural vegetable oil and a home made cotton wick. I have been fortunate to be exposed to so many beautiful and exotic fragrances my Indian heritage has had to offer - sandalwood, jasmin, patchouli, cloves, cardamom to name but a few. In Ancient Hindu philosophy, Lord Brahma is said to be the God of Creation and the Universe, and according to many Ancient Hindu scriptures, is said to be born from the lotus flower ‘Kamal’ my first name. The desire to create beautiful products from natural ingredients,  ‘Brahma Origins’ has come to life.
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