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Our Candles

Brahma Origins candles are hand poured in Cheshire using wax made from soya beans and carefully selected botanical plants to produce a high grade creamy white wax.  

Our candles promise to enhance and indulge your senses and are the perfect addition to your home or office or the ultimate gift for someone special.  


“I’ve been afraid to light my candle as it’s so precious.. just lit it now and oh my this little light has lifted my whole flat up..what a gorgeous smell."


“Your candles are amazing… I neeeed more candles loved them all.”


“Love all Brahma Origins candle fragrances.  Keep thinking I’ve found my favourite and then discover another amazing scent!  Enjoy burning candles in different rooms.  Currently burning Seaweed and Juniper in the bathroom.”


"I was very kindly bought one of your candles as a present. It was beautifully packaged and the scent fabulous - genuinely the best candle I have had. Really great product and I hope you do well.

Amanda P - Black Pomegranate

“Loved the candle you made..the incense smell is coming through gorgeous no with that candle, love it, will probably be ordering more.”

Amanda - Incense

“Hi... thank you so much for the candle, I have just picked it up as Ive been working lots and only just got round to getting it. I love it.  It smells great!”


"The office is smelling mighty fine today thanks to Brahma Origins.”

John from Nettle Altrincham, Sandalwood & Black Tea

"Thanks for the gorgeous candle!"


"Candles with a conscience,

luxuriously handcrafted and environmentally conscious."  

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